Types of COVID - 19 Tests

Antibody Rapid Screening

Quantitative Antibody Test

RT-PCR Swab Test

Antibody Rapid Screening From whole body or serum, SAR COV 2 antibodies (IgM/IgG) can be determined. IgM denotes early onset and infectious state while IgG relects late stage and recovery in COVID 19 infection. Result ready in 10 minutes.


Quantitative Antibody Test Obstained via blood extraction, antibody count is determined using CLIA or COBAS. Infectious and high recovery state can be determined. High sensitivity. Results are released in 24 hours.


RT-PCR Swab Test Reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction test obtained by a swab through the nose and mouth determines the presence of SARS COV 2 in a patient. This is the gold standard or the absolute test in the diagnose of COVID 19. Results obtained in 2-4 days.



Be A Covid - 19 Plasma Donor

Are you a Covid - 19 survivor?

COVID-19 SURVIVOR like you have recovered because your body was able to fight the disease. You have the optionto help another COVID-19 victim because your blood contains subsctances which are capable of fighting the CORONA virus. Although patients that sought admission are managed by Medical experts, "Prior studies have presented evidence that patients who currently have the disease, could improve faster if they received some of your blood or plasma (the liquid par of your blood) that has the ability to fight COVID-19.

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